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Name:Mr. Tony Cheah [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Bukit Mertajam 14000, Pulau Pinang
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Registration Date:Sep. 27, 2005
Last Updated:Oct. 24, 2013
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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Company Brief

Our Company has been established since 1995
We have served under the following building contractors for initial cleaning : -
1. M/ s Takenaka
2. M/ s Kumagai
3. M/ s Nakano
4. M/ s KH Base Engineering
5. M/ s Chuan Huat Builders
6. M/ s May Builder
Factories that we served are : -
1. M/ s DIC Compounds
2. M/ s KOBE
3. M/ s Hitachi
4. M/ s Otis
5. M/ s Precico
6. M/ s ITW Meritex
Supermarkets that we served are : -
1. M/ s TOPS ( Northern Malaysia )
2. M/ s The Store Groups ( Northern Malaysia )
3. M/ s Billion Shopping Centre ( Northern and Central Malaysia )
We also have the expertise for the following cleaning : -
A) All classes of clean rooms
B) High rise external glass cleaning
C) Apartement maintenance
D) Commercial Complex maintenance
Our Company' s main policy is to serve within our clients budget and grow with our clients

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